Profilometer - KLA-TENCOR Alpha D500


The profilometer measures vertical depths/heights and horizontal widths using a probe tip that is slowly dragged along a samples surface. It is set up on a vibration isolation table to reduce noise, which can affect the minimum height and resolution. Analysis of the scan can be performed using the software measuring profiles, roughness/waviness, and the step height.

Sample Size: up to 8" (200mm) diameter

Substrate thickness: 1.18" (30mm)

Tip: KLA 0520216-001 

  • Diameter: 5um
  • Radius: 60° 
  • Shape: cone
  • Bevel height: 880um

Vertical Features: 10A to 1mm max

Vertical Resolution: 1A for 2.5u range to 100nm for 1.2mm range 

Scan Speeds: 10-400um/s

Max Scan Length: 30mm/s

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